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This low information woman doesn't know what high tide and low tide are but yet she is elected to help run our country.  She doesn't know that it's "IMPEACH"... not "inpeach".  And  yet sadly there exists additional "ignoranti that voted for this woman. Inconceivable !

I can't imagine the stupidity level of anyone who would vote for this asshole. Also, someone should tell her how to spell "impeach".

Un-American are those people that burn or stump on the American flag It also shows how Despicable, Ungrateful, Shameless, Contemptible, Loathsome, Hateful, Detestable, Reprehensible, Abhorrent, Abominable, Awful, Heinous, Odious, Vile, Low, Mean, Shameful, Ignominious, Shabby, Ignoble, Disreputable, Discreditable, Unworthy, Dirty, Rotten, Lowdown, Lousy, and Scurvy they are. it does not demostrate the president as been un-american, their actions demostrate what type of people they are.

Just pathetic low life's ! They stand for one thing the color of their skin ! Racist KKK BLM it still ALL DUMBACRATS HATERS ! The true party of hate and discrimination !

I can't even believe the stuff she says...just shaking my head

How does this idiot stay in office! Why does anyone listen to her!

"Liberals are absolute hypocrites."  there is a difference between a living child that has been born and a fetus in in someones womb

The warped logic of the liberal ‘pro-choice’ mind. It’s simple really: children should never be killed, no matter what stage of life they may find themselves in.

Yes, this is how they think… – Liberal Logic 101

The Daily Goblin added 636 new photos to the album: Random Viral Meme.

Be like that guy who knows....... Not for domesticated sheeple....

Sorry libtards! We are on to you and your decisive ways. Go peddle yer papers, ya bother me!