5. Align the spaghetti on a very thin sheet of dough, cut the edges, 6 - Place the roller to crush a little dough,

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Imitate glass thingy (meh on the beads here, just like the extruded strings to imitate glass stringers.

Tutorial: Canework Bead Bracelet

Tutorial: Canework Bead Bracelet (Polymer Clay

Step 6 The square block edges a little prod you to not be very sharp. Cut the dough into slices evenly cutting blade.

Starless Clay: Rainbow Daisy Pen Tutorial

Starless Clay: Rainbow Daisy Pen Tutorial Looks amazing, but I don't understand the tutorial once they get into the extruder. Looks like a different type of clay extruder from what I have.

Polymer clay that looks like lampwork -- tutorial by artist 'Eugena Topina - Eugena's Creations' $10

More from artist 'Eugena Topina - Eugena's Creations' - I would like to create jewellery with these beads via 'polymerclaytutorials'★♥★