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Light Will Not Turn Off With Wall Switch

If your wall switch doesn't turn the lights off, you can test the switch, and if it's defective, it's easy to replace.

How to wire a 4-way switch

Wire a 4 Way Switch

How to Wire a 4 Way Switch. When you add a electrical wall switch to a wiring circuit with a number of switches, you can turn a lighting fixture or appliance on and off from several different locations.

Replacing A Dimmer Switch

How To Install a Dimmer Switch at The Home Depot

Pack Electrical Boxes Neatly - If you've done much wiring, we're sure you've had times when you could barely push the switch or outlet into the box because there were so many wires. The solution is to arrange the wires neatly and then fold them carefully into the box. Here's how to keep wires neat and compact: First, gather all the bare ground wires along with a long pigtail and connect them. Fold them into the back of the box, leaving the pigtail extended. Next, do the same for the neutral…

9 Tips for Easier Home Electrical Wiring

Wiring Outlets and Switches the Safe and Easy Way - Play it smart and stay safe when wiring outlets and switches. Pointers from the Family Handyman

Follow our guide to swapping out a faulty outlet or switch and you'll be doing DIY-electrical repairs in no time!

Conduct Your Own Easy Electrical Repairs on Switches and Outlets

Molding around light switch plate. That makes a huge difference.Thrifty Decor Chick: bathrooms

Add molding around light switch plates to add character.side note, it might be better to attach the molding to the switch plate instead of the wall. So if you ever need to remove the switch plate for repairs, to cover up my soldering job

2-way switch wiring diagram

A site all about the basics of wiring a house, shop, or other building (but check local electrical codes, too)

How to Wire a Switch Box - Fine Homebuilding

How to Wire a Switch Box - Fine Homebuilding