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Cuando te enteras ke tu idolo (Jacob Sartorius) Va a hacet un Eorld tour pero ko viene a tu pais

All of his best friends are so lucky, cuz if u watch his vlogs, you know how funny, nice, and actually has the stamina to do something outgoing he is❤️

Jacob Sartorius is poised to take over the world thanks to Musical ...

I so proud of him, he's come so far 😭😭😊😊❤❤ I will support him forever (my baby) love you Jacob

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[ jacob sartorius ] "hi. im jacob. you maybe know me from magcon. i like to hang out with friends and joke around. im kinda a flirt but i dont lead girls on.

This is so cute

OMG😂😂😂 I sing this all the time to my friends when they call Jacob ugly or stuff like that (btw, I don't sing it like I actually want to to happen😂)