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grateful dead

grateful dead

GD '67 (19)

Gerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) on stage - 1967

The Van Life - Imgur

The Van Life

The Van Life - Converting your van to a road tripper / mini-camper

Get them outside collecting suitably shaped stones from the beach! This elephant example is for the more exotic pets at the vet clinic!

DIY Colored Stone Crafts That Will Boost Your Creativity

white tiger

audrey may erickson art

This is the "Wall of Sound" circa 1974. 26,400 watts of audio power. Each speaker for one instrument or mic.

The Grateful Dead’s 1974 “Wall of Sound” weighed 75 tons. I was at Santa Barbara when they reveled the wall…wow!


A Little Live Dead - Playlist by Vinyl Tempest


Willow Tree :: Under The Tree :: Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia!

Grateful Dead

Through This World of Trouble We Gotta Love One Another

Miles Toland - Selected Works

A Tip from A Gypsy (Mercury Rx Interventions)

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Every little things gonna be alright ✌☮❤

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grateful dead

Preach on! -Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead Inspirational quote with great memories of greatful dead lovers from Jr. High & high school days, at school & soccer

We're like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like…

Rest in peace, Jerry.

this tour will appear in alpharetta and cary in the South, such counterculture communities

Furthur Fall Tour 2012 announced vegas baby!