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Kuvira: The Great Uniter | Canvas Print

Kuvira the uniter | Canvas Print

Kuvira the uniter by carlson123

Da Vinci's tank | Canvas Print

Da Vinci's tank by Ednathum

Long Live Kuvira by AvatarSkyBison

Da Vinci's flying machine | Canvas Print

Da Vinci's flying machine by Ednathum

Ba Sing Se Badgermoles | Canvas Print

Ba Sing Se Badgermoles by jdotrdot712

What would Iroh do? | Duvet Cover

Amon Equality Poster | Canvas Print

Amon Equality Poster by Eudaemons

Here’s that Kuvira Sketch dump i was talking about ;u; You’ve seen a few of these sketches before though ;; Also thankyou precious people for your kind messages, i love you all *sob*