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This would make an excellent template for my tatoo! Legend of Zelda Triforce of Hyrule Letterpress Poster by ~studiomuku

Legend of Zelda Kingdom of Hyrule Crest Letterpress Vector Art Art Print - Barrett Biggers because that's just neat

Hylian Shield

Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Foundry logo Iconic Geek Line Artly Art Print

Todo en su tienda de conveniencia más cercana este comercial fue auspiciado por la Real Familia de Hyrule

Make an ad for an imaginary product. Game: The Legend of Zelda - Hyrulian Advertisements

Legend of Zelda facts

The Legend of Zelda Fast The Legend of Zelda Facts, Not Opinions, Facts! The Legend of Zelda Facts, Not Opinions, Facts! the legend of zelda fast

So funny!

So funny!

Goodbye Navi by Lethalityrush on deviantART. A beautiful headcanon on Navi and Link... <3

Goodbye Navi by Lethalityrush on deviantART. A beautiful headcanon on Navi and Link. This is soo sad. u Navi

I love the idea of this! This means I can ship Link/Malon and Link/Midna!

I've kinda always assumed, for some reason, that OoT Link ended up with Malon. <<< I've always supported this ship over Link and Zelda

Legend of Zelda the Master Sword Vintage Art on Behance

Legend of Zelda Master Sword Advertisement door barrettbiggers

hahah that explains everything

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Toon Link. Where does Link store his items? In his pocket, because in several Zelda games, thats were Link seems to put and take out things.


Geeky Hallow – Pop Up Tee Just need a different sword.

Tatuaje temporal de Trifuerza pequeño por SeventhSkin en Etsy

Small Zelda Temporary Tattoo

Legend of Zelda Small Triforce Temporary Tattoo

Galería: Tus películas favoritas son jeroglíficos egipcios - CINEMANÍA

Hero-Glyphics: Hyrule History by Josh Ln on The Bazaar

Link from The Legend of Zelda. Made up from screen shots and sprites from every Zelda game ever made.

Link and Zelda Sprite Mosaics: Includes Images from Every Zelda Game

Ocarina of Time ~~ for some reason it's my favorite song from that game... :0

Inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time An original video game poster from GamerPrint. Part of the Hyrulean Travel series, designed by Dean Walton. Posters not included.

Link actually looks pretty darn gosh good in this

I'm so busy doing, err. well, all sorts of fabulous villain stuff! ~ Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Humor

Frida Kahlo tipográficas Limited edition en color impresión

Frida Kahlo, Typographic, Limited edition colour, Original Illustration Fine Art Print, Inspirational quote, day of the dead

Frida Kahlo Typographic Original Illustration Fine by CorazonBeats