For a long time I avoided radishes, thinking they were only meant to be eaten raw. I was a little put off by their sharp heat, too. But then, one spring a few years ago, inspired by a bunch of lavender and scarlet Easter egg radishes, I rebelled a bit. Why not cook radishes? In fact, why not braise them? This tangy, bacon-laced recipe was the result, and when it comes to cooking radishes, I've never looked back.

Pre-gym savoury breakfast bowl with tahini kale, sweet potato, edamames, raspberries, black kale, radish, shisho and bee pollen (on top of overnight oats soaked in homemade sesame mylk with chia + a pinch of pink salt) 🌸🌸🌸 #breakfast #goodmorning #savouryporridge

1.18.2016 This morning I completed Week 3 Day 3 Arms Abs workout from @kayla_itsines BBG 1.0 Guide with @lyssbbggirl! After our workout I made us a breakfast of potatoes eggs and veggies and then had sushi for a super late lunch! The other night I made another recipe out of the Eating Purely cookbook by @purely_elizabeth for dinner and cooked up some maple ginger marinated salmon bok choy mushroom and onion stirfy with cashews coconut rice topped with scallions sesame seeds and radishes…

Lentil Veggie Bowl with avocado, carrots, radishes, sprouts, "activated" almonds & a quick "Hummus" Dressing...a delicious lunch or dinner that is filling and Detoxing! |

via @kelsie.d.gray: So fresh they're still dirty! Just delivered a couple bouquets of these gorgeous homegrown radishes to @freighthousefood for tonight's dinner service. I heard rumors they'll be part of a poke salad with hot bacon dressing so get to the Freight House after all your Derby Day revelry and soak up all those juleps with some locally grown goodness! #farmtotable #farmtofork #localfood #freighthousefood #freshradishes #radishes #partakeinpaducah #homegrown #eatlocal…

Packed with plenty of healthy raw veg, this salad has loads of flavour and lots of crunch. Cauliflower is delicious served raw like this as it has a slightly mustardy flavour and soaks up the flavours of the dressing really well. Get the recipe: Cauliflower and radish salad

Pretty Emmalie potatoes turned into a scrummy dinner Tossed together shaved fennel, radishes, spring onion with a light and warm veggie broth-mustard-tahini-lemon dressing and soaked it for about a half an hour. Finally garnished with radish greens and lots of fresh tarragon leaves. #demeter #potatoes #pink

23rd Roza Dinner. Black chickpeas & lentils served with salad (cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, onion, raw ginger, green chilli, corriander, lemon juice). >>How I cooked it: I first boiled red & yellow lentils (previously soaked) with some onion & Dal Curry spices (from packet). Seperate pan I sautéed onion, garlic, green chilli and chilli flakes in 1 tsp oil. I then added in cherry tomatoes, more spices (tumeric, garam masala, zeera), some water, a drop of tomato puree, then black chickpeas…

Marinated Tofu Kale Salad When considering what to make for dinner when a bout of hanger is imminent, the word “marinated” usually has us running for the hills. Who has the time? Thankfully, tofu’s absorbency is such that just a few minutes of soaking manages to penetrate all of it with plenty of rich flavor. Paired with kale, sesame seeds, radishes and avocado, we’ve got ourselves a pretty perfect salad for dinner.

Hesarukaalu upittu Recipe (Moong Dal Upma) is unique upma recipe is made from soaked split moong lentils. Protein rich & Diabetic friendly recipe as well.

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