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Radishes Braised with Shallots and Vinegar

For a long time I avoided radishes, thinking they were only meant to be eaten raw. I was a little put off by their sharp heat, too. But then, one spring a few years ago, inspired by a bunch of lavender and scarlet Easter egg radishes, I rebelled a bit. Why not cook radishes? In fact, why not braise them? This tangy, bacon-laced recipe was the result, and when it comes to cooking radishes, I've never looked back.

Collard Green Spring Rolls + Sunbutter Dipping Sauce

Colorful, healthy collard green spring rolls with veggies, tofu, and a sunbutter dipping sauce. A 30-minute, satisfying, plant-based side or snack!


Lentil Veggie Bowl with avocado, carrots, radishes, sprouts, "activated" almonds & a quick "Hummus" Dressing...a delicious lunch or dinner that is filling and Detoxing! |

Herbed Shrimp and White Bean Salad

Made Herbed Shrimp and White Bean Salad for dinner last night. It was nice and light and very yummy!

Ottolenghi's Orange and Date Salad

Ottolenghi's Orange and Date Salad | I think it is almost like a salad you would eat in a fancy restaurant and wonder what is in there to make it so delicious. @foolproofliving