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Largest March For Native Rights In DC Ignored By The White House And Mainstream Media – Counter Current News

The scene in front of Trump Hotel in DC. today- Native Americans calling on Donald Trump.

Chief American Horse, Sioux,1989_ Frank A. Rinehart

Chief American Horse, Sioux,1989_ Frank A. Rinehart

Native American Wisdom, American Indians, Google, Native Americans, Cherokee Clothing, Tack, Beadwork, Spirituality, Prayer



Liang Artist Hand-Signed Limited Edition Giclee Canvas:"The Bear Spear" Artist: Z. Liang Title: The Bear Spear Size: x Edition: Limited Edition to 15 ;

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Hin-ma-toe Ya-lut-kiht (aka Thunder Rolling Over The Mountains, aka Chief Joseph, aka Joseph II) the son of Tu-eka-kas (aka Shooting Arrow, aka Joseph I) – Nez Perce – 1903

Saying ‘No’ to the Keystone Pipeline

Thousands of Native American demonstrators and their supporters marched to the White House on Friday to voice outrage at President Donald Trump's support for the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines, which they say threaten tribal lands.

Famoso por sua devoção à cultura indígena, feroz resistência aos "caras-pálidas" e pela destreza em combate, Cavalo Doido também respirou o último fôlego da "plena" liberdade indígena na América do Norte.  Nascido em 1842, na Dakota do Sul, pertencia ao povo Sioux e ainda na infância foi reputado como bravo guerreiro. Obteve fama de líder visionário nas décadas de 1860-70 ao defender o modo de vida ameríndio dos "brancos". Decidiu viver livre e morreu jovem, aos 35 anos.

Alleged photo of Crazy Horse of the Black Hills Oglala Sioux. However, because Crazy Horse never allowed a photo to be taken of him, the key word is alleged. Date: 1877 or earlier


Amsterdam - A lovely walk. dreaming in February. A lovely Spring garden plant hyacinth with tulips in fall

Perle Artistiche: ≽Alfredo Rodríguez≼

The Brave Warrior, the Wanderer, as he touches the water, the flow of life, to be refreshed and renewed -- Artwork by Alfredo Rodriguez ! This is what it means to be a man. Being a man is good.