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Beagle puppy - can you resist that sweet face?

Lemon Beagle Puppy

Lemon Beagle Puppy

Lemon beagle---beagles are my favorite after bull dogs. except I hear that they could bark a lot?

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Beagle - Friendly and Curious

RIP She was the most affectionate dog I've ever had.and very smart ~ adopt a beagle, a wonderful family dog.very gentle and they love kids

Beagle Puppy Training: Train your beagle puppy with love and patience. Your beagle puppy descends from a long line of English hunting hounds, selected and bred for his outstanding sense of smell and congenial personality. As an adult, your beagle will reach a height of between 13 and 15 inches and will weigh approximately 20 lbs.

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Love baby

I will protect you, tiny human. Labs & babies melt my heart

Top 10 Dog Breeds

Top 10 Endearing Dog Breeds You Can't Resist Bringing Home

Wendy would have watched the burglar and watched him go out. May even have helped him if given a treat. My Abby, a "watchdog?

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Loving snuggle!

Baby beagles how cute

Cutest !!!

old cavachon puppy we often have toy sized 12 pounds cavachon puppies .

Beagle Puppy

The cutest beagle pup ever!