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The phones of the future are DIY! Motorola will 3D-print ‘modular’ mobiles that customers can put together like Lego

Custom phones allow you to build your phone with blocks. Sacrifice a bit of battery to make room for a better camera etc.

3D printer expo Neville Page  #3dPrinteresting #3dPrinting

printer expo Neville Page

Man & Machine - chausson kids

Team Lasso is raising funds for Lasso: your very own must-have slippers for ultimate comfort on Kickstarter! Lasso is a pair of flat-packed slippers. Made from one piece of wool-felt with a leather sole and laced in the colour of your choice.

3D Print Records from MP3's More details:  http://3dprintboard.com/showthread.php?1275-Turn-an-MP3-into-a-3D-Printed-Vinyl-Record

Everything Old Is New Again – Printer Makes Vinyl Records Out Of Will printers kill the record industry (all over again) ?

Sunruy 3D printers Manufactures Company are supply 3d printer material. 3D printers are reduce the time and price of coming up with new product by printing real components directly from digital input. These solutions are wont to speedily style, create, communicate, prototype, and manufacture real components empowering customers to manufacture the long run. Visit our website for knowing more http://www.sunruy.com

New resin printer prints multiple-material objects in minutes

Aspekt Modular SLR2

aspekt modular SLR camera system Great concept to use your fine old lenses.

Giant kite made with 1700 3D printed connectors...so, large scale creativity realized by a small part-printing 3D machine.

Art & Installation “Little Shining Man” is kite conceived by Heather and Ivan Morison, designed by Sash Reading, engineered and fabricated by Queen & Crawford. It features 1700 printed connectors, carbon fibre rods and cubenfibre aerospace fabric.

Ceramic vase by dries.jpg

rapid prototyping and three-dimensional printing have been around for some years, but unfold lab as successfully built a DIY ceramic printer