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over-ture: “ more sweet than honey (by prologuer) ”

family photo ideas... kid photography ideas and inspiration. Take the photos yourself and have pictricks.com edit them!

Sweet giggly girls Reminds me of all the fun times with my best friend that is like a sister to me

I dreamed I did this very thing.  As I looked down, I realized that all the humans below looked exactly alike from up there except for the color of their hair........I have never forgotten that dream.    Probably because it was meant to be a permanent instillation in my spirit.  thank God for that dream.  Sort of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?    lanski

I post nothing here but photos, art, videos, and information about birds. Because birds are probably the coolest things on the planet.

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Love this photo of a very cute Grey squirrel "cross my heart"

This place is a must-visit.

20 Salar de Uyuni Instagram Photos to Change Your Perspective

Love the steam in the light.

Photo (Dreaming In blue)

A relaxing morning with fresh hot tea, herbs, eggs, and a bright big window

Twin <3!   From @meganbclemence: “This is Edie Marie Clemence.  She loves bugs and wine almost as much as I do. :).” #catsofinstagram

She loves bugs and wine almost as much as I do.

Funny shot love it

Very interesting post: Beach vacation. TOP 25 Funny Pictures on the beach.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Pictures.


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