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Maybe that's the point. They are past dating, they save and protect one another as partners. It's time they start acting like it in everyday life

Team Felicity Smoak on

This is by far my favorite Olicity scene because she spoke for all of us with that last sentence.

Arrow - Oliver, Felicity and Diggle #3.1 #Season3 #Olicity ♥

˗ˏˋ laia ˎˊ˗ on

Arrow - Oliver, Felicity and Diggle ♥ one of my favourite scenes from the start of season 3

Stephen Amell's perfect response to someone asking for Felicity's phone number // I adore him! #Arrow

He totally nailed the smokey look. the smoaky look? BOOM I saw an opportunity an I went for it

hahaha literally his joy in meeting Felicity's mom was everything (you can just SEE it in his eyes) :D #Olicity

Team Olicity🎯💚 on

The introductions to Felicity's mom, what everyone was really thinking - and Diggle is totally the Captain of the Olicity ship

Arrow - Felicity and Oliver #3.2 #Season3 #Olicity

˗ˏˋ laia ˎˊ˗ on

Arrow - Felicity and Oliver ^^But also, Roy was there, as he always was, in the background taking care of things.

#Arrow #TheFlash #Oliver #Felicity #Barry #Olicity ♥

Dessa ♡ on

"Like you and Oliver. Takes one to know one" - Felicity, Oliver & Barry