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“I never wish to be easily defined. I’d rather float over other people’s minds as something strictly fluid and non-perceivable; more like a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature rather than an actual person.”

You are ALEX NEWKIRK. You are into many things, including VIDEOGAMES, COSPLAYING, AND CRYSTALS. You have been forced to make this thing called a TUMBLR. WHAT DO YOU DO? ==> Fuck bitches, get money. THEN post the coolest thing that has happened recently.

Ignorance is a prison, Let's trade 4 healthy items, Arts and acts 4 life is what you should do, contribute 2 life by not supporting pollution, tortured animals, evil money systems, and religions, they have only one purpose, destruction and genocide,

Here follows the scrapbook of a 36 year old Paris born Irishman living in Amsterdam. Cycling, photography, architecture, design, and style.(Most of these images are NOT mine, but reblogged from tumblr. Some images are NSFW or of an adult nature. All...

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