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Redirecting edge flow

Redirecting edge flows within a mesh.

Picked up by CGchips. 2D,3DCG tutorials and 3Dprinter news site. http://cgchips.com/

Picked up by CGchips. tutorials and news site…

I thought that in this thread, we should share with eachother how Edge flow works and how you can change it. Mainly because I Suck at controlling edge flow.

Polygon Table - Help Building One avoiding bumpies . niiice quick visual reference for what to expect when you hit subdiv

Modeling the Female Arm tutorial | free3DTutorials.com

Modeling the Female Arm tutorial


There are many approaches to modeling the human. Most of these methods were designed to accomplish specific aims such as easier sculpting of facial features, better facial animation, easier texturing, and so on.

Body topology - 3DTotal Forums

Body topology - 3DTotal Forums