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yay~ Marrok Djotrax Canis tenebris psychicae, Also known as Djotranawolf, German direpsychic wolf or fake Globelwolf. He's the biggest among the Djotrana's, currenly 61 years old and a former guardian/protector of the city Yellowknife. I had lots of fun cross-shading this entire piece and it took me quite some time to finish.

Argos Djotrax, A Djotrana wolf (also known as the german globelwolf -See Remon Wolverine- ) He's the father of Doom Djotrax and was known to be killed by him. After Doom had turned 28 Argos returned explaining how he survived thanks to the elder Djotrana, Marrok. Right now he does nothing more but being old and watching the surroundings xD

Revi Wolfe is a fire red wolf with a guardian soul called Renova. He is helpfull and kind. He is able to transform in a human being. Revi is my first (goodsided) fursona.

Edit: just click on it if it doesn't show in the preview~ Huge file but, I've been working on refining that old piece.. into something that looks much smoother and more in my own style. Ah the damn fur, cellshading is harder than I thought. Better than all the pillowshaded characters I've drew before. Finally a drawing I'm seriously getting into, spending 2x more hours in it than I'm used to. Oh and fire... Who ever thinks fire is easy should let him/herself get checked xD

Remon Wolverine. My second alter ego. A outgoing smoking demon-Globelwolf. Globelwolves are from Ecuador and known as the demon Globelwolves. Remon's got a demon sealed in by his father at young age because it was uncontrollable and dangerous. The demons name now is Smork, who seems to be a shy boy that has seen too much and sometimes blacks out that causes Remon's agitating rages.

Larico Wolverine, Son of Remon. Left - 15 years old Right - 8 years old. He's a cute and hyperactive pup who has a addiction for swords. Ofcourse at that young age of 8 (present age) he carries foam swords.

Doom Djotrax, Son of Argos. He's known as the chainsaw killer and carries a special ability called the Psytech. which he uses to combine parts of a machine and/or build weapons easily. Doom is crazy but sometimes caring even though he hides his "love" emotions most of the time.

Breako Supreme. One of the kindest of all the characters. He is specialized in kickboxing and makes friends easily with either humans or animals. He's quite known as a city-wolf and wanders around more often in busy places.