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Chrome/Black 5-Shelf Steel Wire Tier Layer Shelving 72"x36"x14" Storage Rack 75 $34.99 $39.99 | 12% offFree ship... #LavaHot http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/chrome-black-5-shelf-steel-wire-tier-layer/124468

Sony HDR-CX405 1080p Handycam Camcorder Bundle w/ $25 Focus Camera GC 32GB Sony Card & More $128 with free ship... http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/sony-hdr-cx405-1080p-handycam-camcorder-bundle-25/43436

#Amazon: SoundPEATS B10 3.5mm Black In-Ear Wired Headphones for $5.99 AC FSSS or FS w/ Prime @ Amazon.com http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/soundpeats-b10-3-5mm-black-ear-wired-headphones/47661

#Google: aCalendar Calendar & Tasks Google Play $1 (was $5) #LavaHot http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/acalendar-calendar-tasks-google-play-1-5/72313

#Staples: Infinity Instruments Wall Clock (various colors) $5 http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/infinity-instruments-wall-clock-colors-5/48480

4-pack Burt's Bees Lip Balm $5 online or $3.25 in store at Ulta http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/4-pack-burts-bees-lip-balm-5-online/47780

Amazon: RTIC Tumblers on Sale again $8.99-$12-99 #LavaHot http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/amazon-rtic-tumblers-sale-8-99-12-99/123274

#DellSmbCA: Dell Outlet Black Friday Sale XPS 13 i5 Touch from $686 and more http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/dell-outlet-black-friday-sale-xps-13-i5/44877

CoD Black Ops III PS4 - $43 AC FS http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/cod-black-ops-iii-ps4-43-ac-fs/44925

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