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No no, he's seriously toned. You know how hard it is to stay on a horse at full gallop? Wait till you ride a dragon. Hiccup is stronger than you're even aware, which you would know if you've seen RTTE.

How to train your dragon 2 "Nice try with the shoulder pads but you're still a noodle"

Haha!! XD

No, the dragon, that's why I have a dragon soul and a cheif's heart: I'm half mythological reptile and half Viking.

Damn hiccup neville longbottomed us!!!

He is also the first DreamWorks character to have a baby story, a teen story and adult story.


No one shrieks like Gaston 〖 DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon HTTYD Hiccup older vs younger funny 〗


My friends around me and alex when we start talking bout horror facts/films/websites

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Hiccup, we thank you for introducing the language of sarcasm. Which has enriched our already awesome culture with your iconic sarcasm.

Am I seriously the only one that's happy about it? I mean I wanna see it as soon as possible but they'll make a better one the longer we wait. And do we REALLY want everyone to forget it over Finding Dory?

Hiccstrid better be married and have three or four kiddos running around them and Toothless having a family of his own when HTTYD 3 comes out. Otherwise it's not worth the wait.

ticcytx: “ This song is so lovely and wonderful, kill me now, I can’t. /)___( So putting sweety song with vikings dorks to feel better. Astrid wasn’t ready for that pretty sure Hiccup is drunk ”

HTTYD 2 - Hiccstrid // If Hiccup and Astrid don't sing 'For the dancing and the dreaming' together in HTTYD 3 I will throw something. And if they do there may be tears.