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Nash) "Hayes thinks I'm annoying" I chuckle "he said I only talk about Scarlet, well sorry I have an amazing girlfriend and you're lonely" I laugh

omg lol

Nash Grier<<<<He reminds me of Percy Jackson. I mean look at all the similarities. Cute, sassy and hilare

Literally my friends. Ansley is Nash, I'm Hayes, Anna Clay's Carter, and Hadley is Cam on so many levels.

Nash, Hayes, Carter, and Cameron are coming to minnesota! OMFG but there gonna be 100 miles away :(

Aaron Carpenter.,...,........ Mathew Espinosa.... Kenny Holland

Matthew Espinosa👽 on

Aaron Carpenter & Matthew Espinosa and Kenny Holand they are cute af


Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Aaron Carpenter, Matthew Espinosa & Taylor Caniff I really miss the old Magcon boys. Like there is a 13 year old boy in magcon.

Jack Gilinsky, Magcon Boys, Shawn Mendes, Milk, Heaven, Bands, Sky, Magcon, Band

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