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Reizker - Pilzverein am Bachtel

Reizker - Pilzverein am Bachtel

PARASOL - Pilzverein am Bachtel

PARASOL - Pilzverein am Bachtel

Methow Valley Herbs: Medicinal Mushrooms - Highlights on a few favorites

Shiitake Mushrooms for Free? Right out in my backyard! Free, delicious mushrooms, that I can eat fresh or dry and save them for whenever i decide I'd like them.

Clathrus Archeri or “Devil’s Fingers”--strange that it's a mushroom….perfect for a halloween garden

oh wow: Zombie mushroom hand. This Clathrus archeri, or "Devil's Fingers" - looks like a cold, dead hand reaching out to pull the rest of the zombie body out of the earth. Those even look like tattered sleeves down by the wrists of the hands!

Disclaimer: This photo is fake. Oregon's monster mushroom.. This great mushroom in oregon is 2,400 years old.

There is a giant mushroom in Oregon that is over years old, covers square miles of land, and is still growing - HOWEVER, it is NOT THIS MUSHROOM. The Oregon mushroom looks like many small fungi spread across miles of land.

Cyptotrama asprata - Parque “El Haya”, Xalapa, México | ©Ritter Walder

A gentle reminder not to get so caught up with waking everyone up that you forget to enjoy the little things in life along the way. Spend time enjoying something at least once per day.


Nature September is National Mushroom Month. There are many toxic mushrooms so don't take them unless you know what you are doing. -- This mushroom is pretty, but very toxic.