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Australian photographer who spent years in the Mongolian wilderness

Explorer Tim Cope spent three years on horseback retracing the ten thousand kilometre route taken by famed warrior Genghis Khan from Mongolia to Hungary across the great Eurasian Steppe.

The Kelpies. The Kelpies are 30-metre high horse head sculptures, standing next to the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk, Scotland

Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, Tsonjin Boldog, Mongolia

Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, Tsonjin Boldog, Mongolia What It Commemorates: The infamous founder of the Mongolian Empire, known locally as Chinggis Khaan.

GENGHIS KHAN 1162-1227 .Originally known as Temüjin of the Borjigin, Genghis was born holding a clot of blood in his hand. His father was khan of a small tribe, but he was murdered when Temüjin was still very young. The new tribal leader wanted nothing to do with Temüjin's family, so with his mother and five other children, Temüjin was cast out and left to die.