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Gotta love a stone beach so I had to get a close up

Gotta love a stone beach so I had to get a close up

FIRE! // macro close-ups of bic lighter sparks lit by no pattern chuck anderson #photo #flame

Macro Bic lighter - Chuck Anderson took these wicked macro shots of lighters coming to life! There was absolutely no post processing done on these images!

Pink rose close up flower photography

The 20 Best Flower Pictures That Will Inspire You

These nine ways to save your flower bouquet will allow your sweet-smelling memories to last. Before you throw out that Valentine's Day flower bouquet, try out one of these nine simple techniques for saving your flowers.

...release yourself from the frozen shackles that bind you to the Immobility of Self

"Wow, we missed a frozen iron // metal shackle in the list of our favorite photos. Love the gradient in the background: the colors really sparkle in contrast to the hurting frozen chain covered with ice crystals.

Macro Photography vs Close Up Photography. Find out the difference... Visit http://seeinginmacro.com/ for more macro photography ideas, photos, tips, tutorials and reviews!

There are differences in macro photography and close up photography. You should learn about the macro photography vs close up photography debate before.