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The History Of Japan, Wrapped Up In Just 9 Funny Minutes – grape

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Ship name Yahoogle? Man I ship some weird stuff search engines, pen and book of color, countries.

funny tumlbr posts

'Happy removal day, tumor baby' omg I died

Un gato peqeño

Un gato peqeño

A destroyer of air. http://mbinge.co/1okzJ8n

"I've been spelling Erica wrong my whole life. Yep, time to spell it as Airwrecka, not Erica

bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah omg dying here!!!!

The Phantom Virus strikes again

Hilarious, accurate, and a bit sad (the Oscar part)

The Definitive Guide To Hosting A "Great Gatsby" Themed Party

I LOVED him as Gatsby though.and in Titanic.and I totally got the water parallels when I was watching Gatsby lol.



I wanted to do something for all the people who have started following my board, so I made a thing. Thank you, I get a real kick out of our mutual Tom Hiddleston appreciation, <3 you guys, hope you enjoy xxx

He is the crown. He is the sexy freaking crown

The Adventures of Mary the English Teacher, Part 2!

The Adventures of Mary the English Teacher, Part

 be prepared

yes that is a horde of creepy sheep, and no, you may not keep them.

Im pretty sure it means someone stabbed someone else with a cheeseburger :P

--If someone stabbed someone eating a cheeseburger. --If someone eating a cheeseburger stabbed someone else. --If there was a stabbing involving someone named Cheeseburger.

History class....

History class....

more like despicable me too

LET ME JOIN YOU IN THAT GRU. But then the fact I eat so much becomes a problem. Then I eat more instead of facing that problem.

I wish weight was like virginity, and once you lost it, you could never get it back. too funny to not repost

Truthful wishful weight thought!

This person obviously doesn't belong on Tumblr. Either that or is having a very bad day.

Excuse me

The Worlds Top Mosquito Expert Ahahahaha