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I love this! The world is such a different place with all the social media websites we have available now! The world feels a little bit bigger everyday! :)

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What Social Networking Looks Like in Real Life. Do you remember what life was like before social media? vintage social networking March 2013 by Wrong Hands

The image depicted above is a very extreme case of social media addiction that pokes fun at those who value such things over basic needs. I can say through personal experience that I have sat at my computer with a rumbling stomach for hours denying my body sustenance because i was enthralled in social media. I'm not proud of it, but the first step is admitting you have a problem.

iFunny Photo - Funny Picture, Funny Image, Funny Photo, Funny Pic: Internet or Water !

SOCIAL MEDIA - "A New Breed of Socialmedia Personalities"... ;-)

The Ranters, The Virgins, The Lurkers: 12 Social Media Personalities — Final Frame

12 Types Of Social Network Users Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Social Media category. Check out 12 Types Of Social Network Users now!

Youth Safety Tip: In case of fire exit building BEFORE tweeting about it. #Rockford'sInsuranceCoach

Intelligence of Tweeters [Picture]

In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) fcseh In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :)

The Internet and Google have made finding relevant information a lot easier to say the least! #Humor

prehistoric googling ~ a time when everybody new the Dewey Decimal system.or use a Librarian to find a book!