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Purple Candle Magick

Magickal Moonie's Sanctuary Purple candle Magick Love and Light, Magickal Moonie Yvonne )O(


These are dream symbols helping to interpret what dreams mean. It would be interesting to log dream symbols and see the correlation with each day.

Agree with all EXCEPT the information on #6-8 is incorrect. This waning moon phases should be used for releasing and removal on blocks and negativity, and the "seeding" for the next cycle should be done on the Dark Moon, with the intention beginning with the first crescent.

The moon has 8 main phases. The phase of the moon can affect the strength of your spell and even your personality.

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This image lists down the common emotions/values associated with the colour blue. These traits/adjectives include: trust, intelligence and serenity.

Candles: #Candle Spell to Protect from Negative People.

Candle Spell for Protection from Negative People- Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy


Pentagram symbol - representing the five elements of creation and it's attributes. Note : If you superimpose the vitruvian man figure over it, you see how it also represents the sacred geometry of body of man.

Charging water

You can use charged water for many things, such as cleaning your altar tools, anointing, cleansing crystals and for water elemental representation.

Favorite Element<3

Magickal Products Earth Invocation [EPIEAR] - Call for the sturdy influence of the element of Earth with the words provided in the Earth invocation parchment poster, a handy reference for invocation within your ritual magic. 8 x

Types of witches page 2 - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

❌Types of witches page 2 - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Book Of Shadows | Book of Shadows 08 Page 1 by ~Sandgroan on deviantART

Magick Spells: The Colors of Magick. "Book of Shadows 08 Page by Sandgroan, at deviantART. See more of this series of BOS pages on my Book of Shadows I board.

The magic system works like a horoscope, each month carrying the magical properties of an element, and the time of day effecting the way it manifests in the person. Everyone in the world is bo...

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