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so true, Iowa problems

Or during the winter: snow-snow-snow-snow--stranded vehicle-snow-snow-look a tree!

Iowa: Corn, corn, corn, look a tree!

Iowa>Ontario>North Dakota> Illinois>Minnesota!

Iowa>>Indiana>>Arizona>>Alabama>>Kentucky>>Canada>> Florida<<Maine>>Washington>> California>>Tennessee>>Texas>>Illinois>>>mississippi>>>Melbourne>>back to Kentucky>>Buffalo>>Oregon>>Ohio>>South Carolina>>ontario>>>Maryland>>>>Massachusetts>>>Arkansas

Iowa winter snow funny

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Still now as much as we had when I lived in WY on May 13th one year---39 inches!

I hate Iowa winters!

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IOWA State Digital Illustration with Des Moines Dubuque Cedar Rapids

Iowa love!

An Iowa poem

you know youre from iowa when....

You know you're from Iowa when.

Corn, Corn Everywhere

Minnesota designated Lester soil as the official state soil in very productive soil found in seventeen different counties in Minnesota; over acres.

you know youre from iowa when....

Lol this is completely true!