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When God Doesn't Make Sense

When God Doesn't Make Sense

ideas for repurposing VHS cases

Cookies, Crayons, Classes, & Chaos: What can you do with discarded plastic VHS cassette tape boxes?

Create an Artist Travel Case from and Old VHS #TigerStrypesBlog

Create an Artist Travel Case from Old VHS Cases - I saw something like this online, but it was more for storing paintbrushes, etc. I figured it would be.

Bargain Inspired: DVD Case Re-purpose

Finally I have gotten enough energy back to start doing something other than eating!

Turn a DVD Case into a cute gift idea like this! Great gift idea~ I love an upcycle project!

sewing fabric boxes Turn a DVD Case into a cute gift idea like this! Great gift idea~ gift giving ideas. baby gift idea Ideas for Chr.

Re-purposing old VHS cases as photo frames is a great idea in itself; We love the dimension that it brings to a wall. To top it off, secret storage is revealed with just a flip of the lid. What kid wouldn't love to have a secret stash in his or her room?

Quick Tip: DIY VHS Case Photo Frame with Secret Storage — divaani blogit

This is a brilliant idea from Heidi Lehto. You can turn an old cassette tape case into a photo frame. All you have to do is to mount the case on your wall with screws, and put your favorite picture on it. The beauty of the idea is that the case &

Embassy Home Entertainment VHS Covers

A visual history of classic VHS cover art. These covers make the films look much better than.

Awesome idea! Great way to use the cases from all of those scratched DVDs we have! :)

handmade by stacy vaughn: dvd coloring case using empty DVD cases

Make travel memento boxes a pair and a spare www.apairandasparediy.com by apairandaspare, via Flickr

DIY TRAVEL MEMENTO BOXES One of the best things about travelling is collecting small memories and mementos from your trip.