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coffee shop uniform version - Tei S Mew(提S) Toka Kirishima Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay

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Pirate England and child America, so cute~ (Although, I don't like the USUK pairing in the romantical way, they're still cute together)

Pirate England and child America, so cute~ (Although USUK pairing I like in the romantical way but when it is like in a brotherly way I like it and they're still cute together)

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Attack On Titan Levi (Cleaning) DXF Figure,

Attack on Titan is the hottest new anime series of the year! The top show on Cartoon Network's Toonami block! This sculpture faithfully replicates the most popular character of the series, Levi.

Hetalia/Harry Potter Lol. *Speaks slowly so the idiot can understand* Alfred, that is an eagle, not an owl, dear America.

That would be Alfred . Hogwarts Hetalia crossover America<<look at your shoulder Alfred

Alfred by Hima-sensei <3

Alfred by Hima-sensei

Inglaterra/ Arthur kirkland | Hetalia

Arthur Kirkland -Hetalia My husband ;D<< *sound of dying whales*

Oh Levi... by moni158 on DeviantArt

AOT/SNK - Can we all just stop what we're doing and appreciate the sassy blessing that is Corporal Levi?

levi x eren

levi x eren Dont know if I should be freaked out or thinking it's just cute

Ef a tale of melodies/memories

Anime confessions are a bit like crack for romance fans. No matter how they happen, viewers will always be either excited, shocked, nervous, or simply reli