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Hare Krishna everyone. I have uploaded yet another Krishna art from my side. This is the passtime where Mother Yasoda punishes Krishna for being mischievous and ties Him to a wooden grinding mort.

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Shri Krishna said: "Though engaged in all kinds of activities, My pure devotee, under My protection, reaches the eternal and imperishable abode by My grace.

✨ RADHA KRISHNA ✨Artist: V.V.Sagar

✨ RADHA KRISHNA ✨ Artist: V.Sagar Sukadeva Goswami said: “One who constantly hears and chants the holy name of the Lord and hears and chants about His activities can very easily attain the platform of pure devotional service, which can cleanse the.

"Visvanatha Cakravarti gives this description of the cows of Vrindavana. Krishna knew every cow by name. If any cow was missing Krishna would immediately chase after the missing cow and call her by name.