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Summer Wars, love every moment of this movies… and that caption is right by so much haha

Are you interested in the virtual world and Japanese anime film? Then, let’s check the “Summer Wars”. “Summer wars” is a Japanese anime film released in 2009 summer in…


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summer wars -love the movie and the manga. I'ts just awesome https://www.facebook.com/tabaca.magno

summer wars -love the movie and the manga. I'ts just awesome

King Kazma, Summer Wars. Artist unknown. https://www.facebook.com/tabaca.magno

animal_ears bandage bandages bandaid bandaid_on_nose blonde_hair bunny_ears character_name furry goggles goggles_around_neck highres king_kazuma looking_at_viewer male rabbit_ears red_eyes scar shouin solo summer_wars

summer+wars+natsuki | summer wars 07

Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Summer Wars

Probably my dream cosplay. Character: Natsuki (Angelic Avatar form) Anime: Summer wars Debut Cosplay: I don't even.

/5 Centimeters Per Second/#146991 - Zerochan | Makoto Shinkai

skyscapes anime lovers 5 centimeters per second makoto shinkai skylines clouds women boy wallpaper