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Watch Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love from Another Star

her english accent is just too funny! (more like any asian reference for me though) -- My Love from Another Star, My Love from the Star

Then your whole day is just boring and you're forced to talk to ppl

Kpop Memes on Pinterest | Kpop, Exo and Baekhyun

As expected "good luck" finding my babe😏 ❤️Chanyeol❤️

Tão eu kkkkk

Issa Sweidan that time you took photos of that asian guy with cool hair at the mall!D

Zico's pics are a real life representation of how I feel about life in general most of the time. Exasperated, a little weirded out, and this causes other people's amusement.

The lovely leaders (◕‿◕✿)

Our leaders, forever upholding the true character of kpop bands

Big 3 Dating Scandals... | allkpop Meme Center

Lol xD The difference is that JYP and YG will never break up like all these SM couples did