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Kaitlyn and I are training for the Bolder Boulder:O)  She joined a run club so we will be running together on her days off from there...

The Runner's Building Blocks A firm training foundation is built on several core types of workouts. Try our tips for building a balanced routine.

As I learn more, and run more I wanted to know when should I begin taking in nutrients. Great resources in this article.

How to Fuel During a Half Marathon

How to Fuel During a Half Marathon. Need to work on this! Ran the first 10 miles in and then bombed the last today. Ran out of energy and struggled.

Breathe With A Training Purpose

Breathe With A Training Purpose

Advice, motivation, and stories from running women. A community where the latest in women's running meets running women just like you.

How Long Is a 5K? It's got some great plans to get from the couch to the 5K. A healthy life is a happy life!

How Long Is a 5K?

Want to run a Intrested in becomeing a road racer? then youve come to the right place! this page tells you all there is to know about a and offers a great training plan to become runner in nine weeks!

Hip Enough? home practice -Release negative emotions and 
improve your alignment by opening 
the muscles around your hips.

9 Poses Your Hips Need Now

25+ Ideas for exercising with your kids! Fun ideas to get out and get moving this summer.

25+ Ideas to Exercise with Kids

Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy

Journal of Othopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy - building strength & stretching postpartum and beyond. Love these core & pelvis exercises!

Blog o zdrowym stylu życia, Treningi, przepisy, diety, a co najważniejsze Motywacja, której Ci u nas nie zabraknie

Dumbbell Split Jump “ Hold a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length next to your sides, palms facing each other. Stand in a staggered stance, your left foot in front of your right. From a standing.

Courtney shares her Shamrock Half Marathon Training Plan - what is your go to training plan for half marathons?

Shamrock Half Marathon Training Plan

Running On Air: Breathing Technique | Runner's World

Running On Air: Breathing Technique

Good tips on running and belly breathing, and alternating inhale/exhale to reduce stress on one side of the body.

5 Tips to Transition to Trail Running

Make the transition from road running to trail running easily with these five steps. Find out what you need to add to your training and get the DL on gear.

Yoga Sequence for a Broken Leg, Ankle, Knee, or Foot (Video)

Yoga Sequence for a Broken Leg, Ankle, Knee, or Foot (Video)

If you're injured, I want you to know you can still continue your yoga practice and hopefully this sequence will help you do so. Watch this yoga sequence for a broken leg, ankle, knee, or foot: