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Well kinda...I would prefer to call it being a "homebody" as opposed to "lazy"....THIS IS SOOOO ME

you know you're lazy when.sorry but this is SO me! so me! so me!


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'You can't be sad when you're holding a cupcake.' - Kid President -- Are you having the mid-week blues? Have a cupcake!

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She'd be "the Mom! and not only smarter than Dad . smarter than any of Dad's friends too!

Hey yall

I don't have a car, but I dance at my desk at work. I dance while waiting for the bus. I dance in the elevator. I dance in restaurants. And I don't care who sees me.

so embarrasing

Danger: Mouth Operates Faster Than Brain.in other words if you shut your mouth you'd be OK!

Actually wanted to do this to someone yesterday.

K to T-"One day my patience will run out, and I will stab you. In the face. Very hard." Jaime-"I think you normally punch people in the face.

Now..ya I am

this is a true story. omg i hate it when people ask me something multiple times. drives me nuts