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Anyone would want to have this teacher

Best Teacher Ever. hahaha this is probably something I would do if I was a teacher, and u would just be like, "so not really feeling the hole teaching school thing, so im gonna teach you how to hav a life, plz leave and hav a nice day.

Why have I never done this?

studying incentive, when you reach a gummybear, you get to eat it. I've been studying wrong my whole life. -this might work as a reading incentive for the kids too (especially for those tough chapter books!

Seriously, solve your own problems! (algebra is heartbroken)

Math humor: Dear Algebra, Stop asking us to find your X. She's not coming back. We don't know Y either.

(My fiancee) Jason loves this so much. He reads over it occasionally just for laughs.

Funny pictures about Baby Do's and Don'ts. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Do's and Don'ts. Also, Baby Do's and Don'ts photos.

How Teacher Found The Only Dumb Student In The Class

Funny pictures about Teacher Just Got Burned. Oh, and cool pics about Teacher Just Got Burned. Also, Teacher Just Got Burned photos.

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics . just wait until they hit they will WISH they looked like the 'boyfriend' photos and NOT the 'friends'! old age has the last laugh!

This guy is my hero!! Banned from Wally World for having a sense of humor. No funny business here, people!! HILARIOUS!!!

This woman's husband recently got banned from Walmart, you will never believe the reasons why. He sounds brilliant!