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Meet the Most Inspirational Little Pig Ever: Chris P. Bacon

Meet the Most Inspirational Little Pig Ever: Chris P.

Seriously one of my dreams is to just hold and play with a little baby pig  {BG}

Teacup Pig Eating Ice Cream at a Baby Picnic Table with a Baby Umbrella=love!

1,962 Likes, 26 Comments - The Worlds Smallest Pet Pigs (@minipigworld) on Instagram: “Pablo known as noodles has been sold to Renata from Canada! ”

The Worlds Smallest Pet Pigs. This little girl is sold and going to her new home soon!

i want one! @mattmcc227

5 Mini-Animals That Make Great Pets

i'm a fan of miniature animals! (always wanted to have a micro-pig as a pet ) the smaller the size the cuter the animal, i think have stumb.

Greedy Little Pig on the Farm gone to the Farmer's House to ask for some more Food

Once, the neighbor's pig escaped and, after devouring a huge helping of silage, was napping under a pile of loose hay. Pig was delighted but I was quite startled when I reached for a clump of hay for a goat. Both pig and I screeched.

Everyone who pins this better be vegetarian, otherwise,no you don't love pigs, sorry to say(maybe)

Love Cute Pigs

Meet the most adorable, popular pig! She's pretty stylish, too - she loves to lay out on the beach and pose in her cute clothes!