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Eerrrrr -:)

If the idea of eating red food dye made from bugs grosses you out, consider that if it doesn't come from a bug, it may come from something worse.

What Was Discovered Moving Through The Ocean Is Terrifying Beyond Words. What...

What Was Discovered Moving Through The Ocean Is Terrifying Beyond Words. What...

When visiting the ocean, you never know what may be lurking in its depths. These photos were taken by photographer Florian Schulz in Maha California Sur, Mexico.<----- that fact that this was not called a majestic sea flap flap disappointed me

Die will ich einmal sehen!!!! Atemberaubend!!

This Church In Belgium Was Brilliantly Designed

Actually food restores a broken heart pretty well.

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Great gifts for geeks

Great gifts for geeks

Funny pictures about Great Gifts for Geeks. Oh, and cool pics about Great Gifts for Geeks. Also, Great Gifts for Geeks.

I will not skip any classes if my school got these brilliant inventions - 9GAG

I Will Not Skip Classes If My School Got These Brilliant Inventions

i'm only reposting to say that my old middle school had one of those "school supply vending machines" (the very last picture) and i never saw a single person use it

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I Did Not Know That! I think they meant chapstick, not chopstick. Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier - The Todd and Erin Favorite Five

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Throw a few Silica packets (those squares in a shoe box) in your toolbox/silverware drawer, your tools/silverware won't rust again.>>>> The toothpaste one is fake