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Snow Leopards Teeth They are non-aggressive—unless you happen to be an Ibex! Although they have well-defined territories, they rarely fight one other. They can kill an animal up to three times their size but do not attack humans.

Evan Miller - 012 - Pin 1 -- This article is obviously not written by someone who knows English very well but it is interesting because it shows how the reality of death is different from culture to culture. First of all, there would never be a photo publish of the actual attack that ended in death, and second most Americans don't walk around daily thinking a jaguar might kill them that day.

Perched Leopard • Rudi Hulshof • Sindile, or Lady Ravenscourt as she was known later in life, photographed as a 2 year old many years ago in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. This female Leopard recently died as a result from injuries she sustained in a fight with a rouge Male Leopard, whilst trying to protect her sub adult male cub. The cub has survived, and is doing well. She made the ultimate sacrafice.

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