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04/05/2016 Today we have been together for 3,5 years :3 Love you so! Also, I have an exam today.. Really not looking forward to that..

Sokha had her first wellness exam today! http://ift.tt/2kqhvft

Today's exam was pretty easy, two more to go and the semester is over 🤙🏻 Hope you guys smashed the exams and be ready for #vacation soon ✈ I'll keep you guys uptdated 👆🏻 And so many people asked me if I would do some Fashion and show you some of my wardrobe, soon you will get pictures with some nice #street #fashion 😎✌🏻

tbhermione: “july 22 • 20:03 • maths ➗ I’ve pretty much only been posting maths pictures but it’s really all I’ve been doing! Today I finished re-writing the first sub-unit so I got started on the index at the front. Exam-ridden me in May 2016 is...

haha posting again today, bUT i have an ap world history exam on thursday, so i've been reviewing like mad :') i've also been working on ap bio stuff but this picture looked nicer ahahahaha (lol my story has only been ap bio too oops) [ question: ] do you like world history? [ me: ] ok i like world history but i can never remember the dates rippppp

• Mark-making • In the last 18 months I've drawn and painted more than in the previous 30 years put together. I took no art exams so I lost my confidence. Instagram has made me realise I can draw. Thankyou for each and every kind comment on my pictures. Today I spent an indulgent 2 hours doodling a few of my favourite winter plants in watercolour: 1. Ivy 2. Birch 3. Winter-flowering jasmine 4. Yew 5. Hawkbit 6. Hellebore 7. Cotoneaster 8. Sloe If you'd like to learn botanical…

When you start reading an essay question and you’re like: | 18 Hilarious Pictures You'll Get If You've Ever Taken An Exam

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