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Proper Gun Grip For Women Shooters. I was taught to use the tea-cupping hold at concealed carry class. My husband taught me proper method shown here which helps me to withstand the recoil.

Meet Kinessa Johnson. A lady who hunts poachers. US Army combat veteran who…

Kinessa Johnson, US Army combat veteran, now hunts poachers. Johnson, who fought in Afghanistan, was a weapons instructor and diesel mechanic. She is now an anti-poaching advisor with VETPAW.

Female Soldier, Big Guns, Tactical Gear, Female Warriors, Military Girl, Airsoft, Waffen, Pew Pew, 2nd Amendment

As an American, I think I should fear Canada... - 9GAG もっと見る

As an American, I think I should fear Canada...

As an American, I think I should fear Canada. < The world intergrated supernatural folk into its armies, they are put in squadrons with three or four other supernaturals and the rest humans (battle uniform concept?

full review on the HULDRA ARMS MARK IV TACTICAL ELITE 5.56mm from the Special Weapons August issue

Adjustable piston-driven AR that will stay cool and clean during the heat of battle!

Springfield Armory AR15 Saint Shooting guns

AU Kara (just pretend with blonde hair) build Source: Springfield Armory Saint Shooting guns

The-Afghanistan-veteran-catching-poachers-Africa-Female-soldier-working-alongside-park-rangers-searching-detaining-wildlife-slayers. Kinessa Johnson from Yelm, Washington State, works for the Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VEPAW), training park rangers to catch and detain the wildlife killers.

The Afghanistan veteran who is catching poachers in Africa

There are poachers in Africa currently hunting Rhino. This woman hunts the poachers. Her name is Kinessa Johnson

"Survival/zombie apocolypse" by moewilliams on Polyvore

"Survival/zombie apocolypse" by moewilliams on Polyvore

zombie apocolypse outfit

Dude, i don't get why people want bad ass looking shit here, gonna wanna grab anything that's warm, not just tight and see through. It would be bout survival not a fashion parade


Welcome to being a parent of a teenager. Prepare for a large amount of eye rolling, emotional outbursts, and thoughts of running away. And that's just the parents!

Somebody push me. Please...  I WILL PUSH YOU CUTE DOG!!!

Somebody push me.looks like my gunny when he was a pup

July 24th in Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day.  Pioneer Day is a state holiday commemorating the arrival of the first band of Mormon Pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley on...

13 Pioneer Skills You May Need. I doubt I'll ever get on a horse, but no matter why you prep or what you believe, it's just common sense to know how to do most of them. A prep pin

Kids Emergency Survival Packs for Kids at School  |  {Mom with a Prep} She mentions a small first aid kit... our Pocket FAK would be perfect!

How to Make an Emergency Survival Kit for Kids at School

How to Make an Emergency Survival Kit for Kids at School Boo boo helpers

Let's not forget the statue in the angels take Manhattan episode of dw!!  If the apocalypse ever happens..

Funny pictures about Apocalypse rule number one. Oh, and cool pics about Apocalypse rule number one. Also, Apocalypse rule number one.

Watch out bad guys or gals!