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Robert Hutchison Covered 10 ton Grain Hopper Wagon No. 5 - The vehicle and Leith General Warehousing wagon no.120 also in the collection illustrate a Scottish variant of a wooden bodied bulk grain hopper wagon. Although this looks like a covered van, the internal floor slopes steeply from each end towards the centre, and there are hopper doors at the centre for discharging the grain.

Leith General Warehousing Co. Covered 10 ton Grain Hopper Wagon - No. 120 - This wagon is not complete internally. It originally had sloping floors and bottom hopper doors. It was part of a large fleet of similar vehicles operated by the company.

LNER Covered Van No. 167459 - The LNER was the last of the "Big Four" railway companies to adopt the steel underframe for ordinary freight vehicles, being particularly hard-hit by the industrial recession. This wagon still has a wooden underframe. 167459 is in fundamentally sound condition, but needs a new roof covering and replanking to restore its appearance.

BR 16T Mineral Wagon No. B555710 - This wagon has vacuum-braked 'MINFIT' 8 shoe clasp tread brakes and self contained buffers, so that it can run at higher speeds. The bauxite livery is reserved for wagons fitted with continuous brake. The diagonal stripe at one end indicates the location of the end door.

GNR 8 ton 4-plank Open Wagon No. 512026 - This is a typical wagon of its day, provided with grease axle boxes, no automatic brake and a handbrake on one side only - an arrangement that increased the risk to shunting staff needing to apply the brake on a moving vehicle.

Lake Pend Oreille shimmers beneath a westbound grain train at Bottle Bay Rd. near Sandpoint, ID.

G&SWR 10 ton Covered Van No. 7232 - This is believed to be the only complete G&SWR freight vehicle still in existence. (Our collection also includes an ex-Admiralty open wagon with G&SWR features.) This van was originally fitted with sliding doors, replaced with the existing cupboard doors during Admiralty ownership.

NBR 10 ton Covered Van No. 28144 - This is a typical van of its period. The underframe is wooden, and there is no automatic brake, only a handbrake on either side, with brake blocks on both axles. The axleboxes are oil lubricated.

LNWR 10 ton Covered Van No. 55251 - This is a good example of an LNWR van. The arrangement of the doors provides a convenient ramp between the vehicle and the platform for loading and unloading.