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Как крутить газетные трубочки (видео урок)

Using Pictures to Teach Reading and Writing Skills

My students love using pictures to learn their reading skills!

I especially like making stuff with ATP, and I'd actually like to learn Portuguese or French even though the girl kid recommends Japanese.

Do you feel like you are ALWAYS staying late after school to work on lesson planning and prep work? Learn how to organize your week and streamline your lesson planning routine so that you can go home at a normal time! This blog post is packed with practical tips and management tricks for teachers. A must read!

"People don't want solutions... and I need to learn." | #INTJ

Awesome Cupcake Liner Dragon Craft

This cupcake liner dragon craft makes a great Chinese New Year craft for kids. You could also use it as an alphabet craft for the letter D.

#jasmineYogaTutorial : #FallenAngel Almost like side crow but way prettier. I got this as an accident when I was learning how to side crow. You see I used to cheat by resting my hip on my free elbow and tip forward to get my side crow. And thats exactly what you need for this pose. Let the entire weight rest on your elbows. Make sure your arms are chaturanga and your elbows/hands act as the fulcrum of this pose. Press your temple down and you are free to move your legs! Tips 1) Make…

27 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Laugh At Least Once, I Promise

Or as I like to call it AAAHHHAAAAHHHH Swat Swat Swat, or Aaaaahhhhhaaaa A bees in here! lol

Crochet Cheat Sheet

Crochet Cheat Sheet | Crochet stitches | Learn Crochet Stitches | Crochet Abbreviations.... Genius, until I get some practice.