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Wedding DJ Albany teaches you how to dance to Stayin Alive by Bee Gees

This is a fun party line dance for Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings. Helping the Baby Boomers remember the and showing.

Black Eyed Peas 'Boom Boom Pow' + Zumba® Choreography - Zlife

Black Eyed Peas ‘Boom Boom Pow’ + Zumba® Choreography

Zumba Boom Boom Pow Choreographed by Shani McGraham-Shirley Dancers: Shani McGraham-Shirley, Zahra McGraham, Zoe Arscott, Kerry-Ann Henry, Melissa Llewellyn and Melisha McField

Zumba...on the floor by j-lo...did this in my Zumba class recently...it's a lot of fun and a great workout!

is it bad that i totally want to learn this just to jam out in my basement like i can to other stuff learned in zumba? Ridder "On The Floor" by JLo/Pitbull Zumba Routine

Double Shot of Crown / Bartender Line Dance - YouTube

Double Shot of Crown / Bartender Line Dance. I hope someone teaches this. Step sheet is listed at Copperhead Knob in comments listed below the video.

▶ Achy Breaky Pt 1- M Greenwood - YouTube

Electric Slide 2 ( Line Dance ) Walkthrough Choreographer: Ric Silver Music: Acky Breaky Heart By: Billy Ray Cyrus Instructor: Dancinjim

I got hooked!!!! Now my latest obsession from as long as I can remember Zumba

Zumba!! Best Workout in the World!

What is Zumba Fitness. ZUMBA® Fitness is the latin-inspired dance-fitness program that has spread across the world. Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system

Jenny Ford Fitness - Free Videos on YouTube... If you love group fitness classes like Zumba and step aerobics but can't afford the gym fees, Jenny Ford posts free, full-length cardio videos filmed and delivered with a professional flare.

Top 10 Workout Videos on YouTube

Zumba video- Right Round by Flo Rida.  I don't usually like zumba because I just stand there looking like an idiot trying to figure it out.....but if I practice the choreography then I think it would be fun....like a dance party :)

Cardio Dance- Right Round transformational-health-fitness-videos ab-workout workout-motivation diet

Learn how to do the Tush Push line dance in this Howcast dance video with expert Robert Wilson.

Learn what the musical terms tag, restart, and out of phrase mean from champion line dancer Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.

Barefootin Line Dance (Clarkson Senior LD Class)

Barefootin Line Dance B) Julia Le Line Dance Choreo: Rita & Jo Thompson Music: Barefootin by: Scooter Lee

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Me gusta mucho cumbia.  Es muy genial.  Cumbia es de Colombia.

Me gusta mucho cumbia. Es muy genial. Cumbia es de Colombia.

Everything you need to know about zumba Cant stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake - Easy Fitness Dance Choreography Zumba - YouTube

What You Need to Know about Zumba