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libreria Maestro, disegnata da Ivano Colombo per Annibale Colombo

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Desk, Sir Edward Maufe, London, 1925. Museum no. Circ.898-1968. Given by Prudence, Lady Maufe. © Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Desk, Sir Edward Maufe, London, Victoria and Albert Museum no. Given by Prudence, Lady Maufe Shown at Art Deco: The 1925 Paris Exhibition

Stunning 1930s art deco iconic shaped cabinet.

Features a full circular cabinet supported by a half circle walnut plinth in mid tone walnut veneer. The interior has 3 glass shelves.

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Art Deco Lever Handle, included to show the way the art deco patterns can be mapped onto a non-deco shape.

I can’t get enough of these rough-luxe images shot by photographer Michael Eastman.  Stunning interiors.  Stunning colours. Stunning photography.  (And yes, I overuse that word – I am a…

Cuba 2010 - Michael Eastman, Hollywood Theater, Havana great color for media room