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Costa Rica, rhino beetle- I would DIE. I mean DIE! That is just terrifying to me!

Horse head grasshopper. (Pseudoproscopia scabra)

Horse head grasshopper. (Pseudoproscopia scabra)

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this is what happens if a crab and spider have a baby. not really though this is just a rare spider.


“AMAZING ALIEN INSECTS UP CLOSE Showcasing cool pictures of very alien close ups of insects by photographer Igor Siwanowicz. Igor is an expert in macro photograph and talented nature.

aranha pavão

This adorable spider is commonly known as the Peacock Jumping Spider (Maratus volans), for obvious reasons. Similar to actual peacocks, male peacock spiders raise a colorful flap on their abdomens to garner female attention.

178 imagens de insetos – VivoVerde

178 imagens de insetos

Thistle mantis by "Blepharopsis" on deviantart. You can always rely on this photographer for AMAZING macro shots of exotic creatures.

Ectoparasita: carrapato com sangue

Look away, children: This is a blood-filled tick, swollen in size after feeding on the blood of its mammal host O capusa dupa ce s-a hranit

Giant mesquite beetles

Giant mesquite beetles

Titanus Giganteus, tot 20 cm lang

Titan Beetles: These giant bugs can be around 7 inches long and their pincers can snap a pencil in half… but they usually leave humans alone. If you bother it, though, it will attack you. The world’s largest beetle WILL attack you.