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Beautiful Trumeau Style Mirror in White, Cream and Chocolate Shells

Tall and elegant, this trumeau-style mirror with an unusual combination of light natural colors with olive green, turquoise and yellow added to bring a new sophistication to a natural subject.

Specimen Shell Necklace with Baroque Pearls. 14K filled gold chain

Three-strand Necklace loaded with rare and unusual shells, black pearls, white pearls, mabe pearls and filled chain.

Amethyst and Oyster Shell Mirror

This sophisticated mirror is loaded with hundreds of karats of Amethyst, dull and pelucid Oyster shells, rare lavender coral at the top, and Shark Eyes bubbling all around.

Shelled and Bejeweled Crown

Whimsical Crown to give any spot a touch of noblesse! Great behind a throne.

Shell Crest with Limpet Seahorse

Shell Crest with Limpet Seahorse from Christa's South Antiques & Seashells.

"Scallops" 38" x 56". Beveled mirror. Available at Nancy Dyer Interiors Satellite Beach Fl. 321-622-6242

"Scallops" x Beveled mirror. Available at Nancy Dyer Interiors Satellite Beach Fl.

Custom Shell Wall Panels (sample)

Custom-designed shell wall panels for rooms or just a wall, or above the chair rail or below. Less expensive than many custom tiles, shell walls are absolutely stunning!

35'' x 45'' Custom Oyster Mirror

Chatham Coastal Creations - Sea shell mirrors which are made entirely from shellfish that are locally harvested from the waters of Cape Cod.

Pair of Elaborate Shell Brackets

Unique Pair of small-scaled wall brackets. They are decorated with fine, smaller shells and ammonites. There are special, specimen shells.