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Dancing Dog: I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

A true gracious lady always wears her hat and pearls. by erika

I dont know what happened I just went to hide my bone #rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife

What mud? I don't see any mud? Do YOU see mud? You MUST be seeing things. Yes, I think you need the eyes AND the glasses checked at once.

Just dogs shaking at high shutter speed

Just dogs shaking at high shutter speed

Another fast shutter speed. For her series "Shake", pet photographer Carli Davidson photographed curious portraits of dogs shaking off water. Use a fast shutter speed and you can capture all kinds of strange expression.

it's ok...

Boxer Dog ❤ I want to get another boxer pup just for the hope of seeing this! So cute! I really miss my boxer " max" was the best dog ever!


most adorable husky puppy ***these guys have the cutest facial expressions. In the dark though, their blue eyes and masks make them look like "devil dogs", very scary! :D AAAAAAWWWWW How Cute!

Dachshund Funny Expressions 8 #Dachshund

Chanel said if in doubt wear pearls! Luv me sum dachsund!

(10) Tumblr

All Chillin In The Pool this animal is funny , another funny animal picture. From the site of the animal pics check back for more funny animals