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Acacia and Lactose in Synthroid Can Cause Allergic Reactions and Sensitivities-Instead of Synthroid, try Levoxyl

Synthroid Can Cause Allergic Reactions and Sensitivities

Your Foggy Brain: Clearing Things Up! --- Brain Fog/Fibro Fog in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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The Power of Gratitude - Practical ways to put gratitude into practice with good information as to the benefits of practicing gratitude.

The Power of Gratitude

About Gratitude: Counting your blessings may be a boon to your health. Here are four ways to foster an attitude of gratitude, even when life hands you lemons.


Momo's pin: 'Never forget that your words have the power to destroy or to construct, to disencourage or to encourage, to heal or to open serious wounds. Choose your words with caution.