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The Worst Car Colors Ever Offered

Nearly every car on the road is some boring shade of white, back, or silver. Some carmakers try and break out of the norm with "fun" colors. As Jalopnik readers know, that doesn't always work out.

How to Pick your Best & Worst Colors - I did best on the first pic, the others either I didn't fit into, or didn't understand. But when I clicked on my basic season, it led to another page that was much easier for me to find my sub-season/palette

Cool and Brilliant Deep Winter is what I am - there's two other Winters to choose from: Cool has similar, but less intense colors, while Clear seems a tad "warmer". Use the other link from this site I pinned if you're not a Winter, then click your season to get your best colors

Color Analysis: Cool & Delicate - what colors to wear if you have fair cool toned skin, blonde hair, and blue/green eyes! From Cardigan Empire

Home Inspections for Sellers: Prepping for the Sale.

"Deep Winter (sharing deep, dark depths with Warm & Rich)... If you have a tan or darker skin tone, you may tilt into the deep realm of warm suggestions" Which is this: Deep Autumn. LOVE some of these colors!