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Kitchen Art Print - Mexico Art - Mexican Food - Typographic Print - quote art, typography, kitchen art, tacos - HOLY GUACAMOLE! by dazeychic on Etsy

Sweet and simple embroidered bluebirds! sweet and simple! 'The Sun peered through my Window and said, "Rise and shine! Today is destined to be. Of the fairest, rarest kind. A bluebird on your window pane, Just tapped the glass and called your name.' ~Ric

Fluent in pop culture and sarcasms, eccentric smartass, undecided but crafty, drama queen, loves everything beautiful, almost perfect, somehow jaded, deeply ironic, moody as hell! I’m a blogger and fashion enthusiast based in Bucharest, Romania! I have...


One of my favorite sayings, especially since my accident and TBI. My life has become so visual, now that I lack competency in my other senses and abilities. I can look at things all day (thanks, Pinterest!), but not read nor think comfortably.

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