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Evidence that "Walking Dead" character is still alive

There's Evidence That 'Walking Dead' Character Isn't Actually Dead

.TWD. It's nice to see them all happy and loving. On the show all it is is sadness and blood mixed with death.

Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene, Laurie Holden - Andrea, Emily Kinney - Beth Greene and Steven Yeun - Glenn Rhee, etc - The Walking Dead Cast

The Walking Dead Daryl Funny

30 Hilarious Walking Dead Memes from Season 4 from Dashiell Driscoll and Memes! How do I find this funny. It's so true. Daryl has that redneck way of being badass while being cool.

This is all true

"The Leader (Rick Grimes) can be inferior, The Brave (Carl Grimes) can be broken, The Strong (Daryl Dixon) can be weak, The Fearless (Carol Peletier) can be afraid, Tje Hopeful (Glenn Rhee) can be hopeless.